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Staff Directory

Office of the Vice President
Donohue, John P. Vice President for College Advancement 2393 Room 214
Lin, Michell Assistant to Vice President 2393 Room 214
Jones, Christen Major Gifts Officer 3395 Room 217

Office of Advancement Services
Bodnar, Deborah Coordinator of Prospect Research 2454 Room 214
Newell, Candyce Executive Director for Advancement Services 2532 Room 214
Quinn, Susan Assistant Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations 3134 Room 214
Richter, Sarah Coordinator of Reporting and Database Management 2393 Room 214
Rahim, Sumaiya Program Assistant 3028 Room 214

Office of Alumni Affairs
Castaldo, John Executive Director for Alumni Affairs  2970 Room 211
Davies, Deborah Program Coordinator 2310 Room 211
McCarthy, Lisa Director for Alumni Affairs 3019 Room 211
Rizzo, Christine Program Assistant 2598  Room 211

Office of College Relations
Paterson, Karen Community Relations and Communications Coordinator 2218 Room 218
Perrotti, Audrey Assistant Director of Major Events and Strategic Events 2064 Room 202
Schuster, Stacy Associate Vice President of College Relations 3214 Room 209

Office of Development
Borawski, Laura Annual Giving Coordinator 2188 Room 215
Calcerano, Guy Major Gifts Officer 2185 Room 215
Grandino, Scott Assistant Director of Development 2765 Room 215
Hutton, Marisa Administrative Assistant 2925 Room 215
Lide, Melissa Associate Director of Annual Giving 3104 Room 215
Mastrianni, Matthew Major Gift Officer 3358 Room 215
Spencer, Jim Director of Development and Planned Giving 3285 Room 215
Winterrowd, Angela Major Gift Officer 3068 Room 217
Wright, Charles Associate Vice President for Development 2323 Room 215

Office of Communications, Marketing, and Brand Management
Andrews, Kelly Associate Director of Creative Services 2234 Room 218
Dodd, Emily W. Communications Officer for Media Relations and Marketing 3066 Room 218
Friedman, Cindy Director of Administrative Operations 2773 Room 218
Fulton, Lyle Assistant Director of Sports Information 2266 Room 218
Goetz, Rebecca Design Specialist 3270 Room 218
Gola, Mark Director of Sports Information 2517 Room 218
Kaplan, Lauren Senior Web Designer 2797 Room 218
Marchetti, Anthony Communications Officer/Managing Editor 3071 Room 218
Muha, David W. Associate Vice President for Communications, Marketing and Brand Management 3070 Room 218
Olson, Renée Director of Strategic Communications and Publications 2377 Room 218
Sanders, Mary Coordinator for Administrative Operations 2103 Room 218
Winkel, Matthew J. Communications Officer/Senior Web Architect 2738 Room 218